New Research and Presentation on the Judicial Confirmation Process

On Monday from 9 to 10:30 AM, CSPAN3 will be carrying live a presentation that I will be making at the American Enterprise Institute on "The Judicial Confirmation Process: The Difficulty in Being Smart." I am lucky to have a good group of people participating in the presentation: Boyden Gray, Bill Marshall, and Todd Zywicki, two of whom were involved in the confirmation processes under the Clinton and Bush I administrations. Hopefully the event will be rebroadcast on the other CSPAN channels.


Talks this week

This week I will be giving a range of different talks. On Tuesday Feb. 8, I will talk at the Florida State University Law School at 12:30 and give another talk that is being arranged by Randy Holcombe in the economics department at 3:30. On Wednesday, I will be giving a talk at the University of Miami Law School at 12:30 and give another talk in the economics department at 3:30. On Thursday, I will be talking at noon at Nova Southeastern University. All the talks but the one to the University of Miami economics department will be on gun control, with the FSU Law School presentation being a panel presentation.

UPDATE: The talks this week are now over and they were a lot of fun. I appreciate everyone who organized them for taking the time to put everything together.