Houston transit riders can carry guns


Disarming Israeli Settlers?

David Mustard forwarded this and the link below:
[the Defense Ministry] notified Yoni that his weapon's license, permitting him to carry an M-16 rifle, had been voided and that he was now classified as "weapons-negated". The reason: unknown. . . . The result: yesterday, Yoni was forced to 'return' his rifle to the authorities that be. In other words, Hebron's security chief is forbidden to carry the primary tool of his trade, that tool which is used to offer protection and defense, should the need arise, to any of the Hebron community's hundreds of residents or thousands of visitors.

. . . Yoni has not been recently arrested, indicted, tried or convicted of any serious crimes. Not only isn't Yoni suspected of "Jewish terrorism", to the contrary, he has proven his heroism. Two years ago, when terrorists struck, killing twelve men, including nine officers and soldiers and three Kiryat Arba civilians, Yoni was one of the first people on the scene, and put his life on the line to save others. . . .

He wasn't the only one ordered to hand in his rifle. So, too, were the security officers of Yeshivat Shavei Hevron, Kiryat Arba and southern Hebron Hills community Ma'ale Hever.

Self Defense in Athens, Georgia

Switzerland continues to have more guns and less crime

Gingrich warns Republicans that they could lose control of hte House in 2006

With redistricting behind us, I hadn't seen anyone make this type of prediction:

“The odds are not trivial that the Republicans could lose the House in 2006” by giving up as many as 16 seats, he said.


Gingrich warns Republicans that they could lose control of hte House in 2006


For those obsessed with Global Warming

Many have been pushing hydrogen as the solution to all our environmental problems, especially the supposed problem with global warming. An interesting report notes:

The problem, critics say, is that the technology that makes the fuel of the future generates just as much pollution as the gasoline-powered vehicles we drive right now. . . . Another possible problem: Scientists call hydrogen a "leaky gas" that easily escapes from any container you put it in, potentially harming the environment.

I suppose one solution is nuclear power, but environmentalists oppose that.

More on Moore using body guards with guns

A reporter learning about guns

Possibly the law would have been easier to pass if more reporters visited states that already had right-to-carry laws:

Even as a person whose job is to follow the news, there was much I didn't know about Ohio's concealed carry law. It requires a person with a gun to use any means to ward off an attack before resorting to deadly force. . . . Then there are the rules about where you can't carry a concealed weapon. . . . The Ohio law says the gun must be hidden when you're in public, except if you plan to carry it on your body in the car - where it must be in plain sight. Other states have widely varying quirks in their concealed carry laws. The class made it clearer than ever: Owning a gun is a huge responsibility. . . . After thinking it over, I paid $45 and got the concealed carry license.