Tom Sowell's advice on where to go to college

Tom Sowell offers for free on the web his book on what college to go to. For those sending their kids to college, this book is definitely worth a look.


What was this parent thinking of calling the police

"First-Grader Arrested, Handcuffed After Fight". Why would the parent of a ten year old call the police because an eight year old got into a fight with their child? This is pretty strange.

More on media bias

The Philadelphia Inquirer has my latest op-ed and it looks at the recent research that I have done regarding media bias.

Vice President Cheney and Guns

Tech Central Station has my op-ed responding to one of Senator Edwards' attacks on Vice President Cheney.


More Registered Voters in Franklin County, Ohio than eligible people

The Columbus Dispatch reports that in Ohio's largest county:

After nine months of intense voter-registration efforts focused on Franklin County, the number of people signed up to cast ballots in the Nov. 2 election has surpassed U.S. Census estimates of those eligible.
There are about 815,000 Franklin County residents older than 18, according to the most recent census estimates, for 2003. As of yesterday, Franklin County Board of Elections officials counted more than 817,000 registered voters, and forms are still coming in at the rate of 8,000 per day as Monday's registration deadline approaches. Although voter-registration numbers in some Ohio counties have reached 90 percent or more of population estimates, surpassing the number is highly unusual.
One county official in Ohio called the Franklin County figures "bizarre."
One state official called them troubling.