Some cases of violence against Republicans

We will add more cases as we have time to find them. With comments such as this by Debbie Wasserman Schultz last October, it isn't too surprising that there is violence against Republicans.
WASSERMAN SCHULTZ to KEN CUCCINELLI: "you want to block all immigration and made life harder for immigrants and you have demonstrated that you will pursue this heinous white supremacist ideology at all costs even if it means making critically ill children your collateral damage in the process."

1) Chicago Tribune, February 21, 2020: "Hobart couple accused of driving boys off the road for having Trump flags on their bikes: court documents"

A Hobart couple has been charged with intimidation and criminal recklessness after being accused of driving a set of twins off the road in July for having pro-Trump flags on their bikes.   
Kyren G. Perry-Jones, 23, and Cailyn M. Smith, 18, have each been charged with two counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness, both felony charges, as well as one count each of misdemeanor theft and criminal mischief in the July 22 incident, according to a probable cause affidavit. Charges were filed Feb. 20 because detectives were waiting information from Snapchat, a social media platform.
2) Union Leader (NH), February 21, 2020 
A man has been arrested in Windham, New Hampshire, after slapping a 15-year-old boy across the face and attacking two others on the day of the state primary for supporting our president, leaving one victim with a fractured jaw. The disgusting man did so, shouting “F- — you,” as he passed their pro-Trump tent outside a local polling place. According to the boy’s mother, he remains traumatized by the attack. . . .
3) WSMV News Channel 4 Nashville, February 11, 2020: Woman punches man in Broadway bar over MAGA-style birthday hat
. . . Daniel Sprague was at The Stage bar on Broadway sporting a gift his wife gave him for his 50th birthday bash—a hat that says "Make 50 Great Again." The hat is styled to look like a "Make America Great Again" hat that supporters of President Donald Trump wear.  "People were just coming up to me and, you know, just loving the little word play on the hat and taking pictures and wishing me happy birthday," Sprague told News4.  However, one woman at the bar was not as amused.  "At one point," Sprague said, "A female came up from behind me, spun me around, and punched me in the face and then grabbed my hat off my head and was just yelling, 'How dare you.'" . . .
4) News 4 Jacksonville, Florida, February 8, 2020: Man accused of driving through Republican voter registration tent arrested
Hours after a van plowed through a Republican Party tent where volunteers were registering voters, Jacksonville police arrested a 27-year-old man on two counts of aggravated assault on a person over 65 years old, criminal mischief and driving without a license.  The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office identified Gregory William Loel Timm as the person behind the wheel of the van that struck the tent set up the parking lot of a Walmart Superstore at the corner of Atlantic and Kernan boulevards about 3:50 p.m. Saturday.
5) AP, October 15, 2018: Suspicious envelope causes ricin scare at Sen. Collins’ home
A hazardous materials team was dispatched to the home of Republican Sen. Susan Collins on Monday after her husband received a letter with a note saying the envelope contained ricin.  The FBI said preliminary tests on the letter and its contents indicated that there was no threat to the public, and the senator and her husband were allowed to stay in the home Monday night.  It was unclear who sent the letter and why. But critics have hurled threats at Collins and her staff over her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.
6) KMSP, October 16, 2018: Two Minnesota GOP candidates say they were attacked, punched
In a sign of how heated the fall campaign has become, two Minnesota Republicans say they were attacked and punched in separate incidents over the weekend.  State Representative Sarah Anderson of Plymouth said she had confronted a man for kicking her campaign sign when he charged at her. First-time candidate Shane Mekeland of Becker said he suffered a concussion after a man punched him in the face at a Benton County restaurant.  

7) Wyoming Tribune Eagle, October 25, 2018: Man charged with Republican headquarters fire in Laramie

LARAMIE – A man was charged by federal prosecutors Tuesday for the apparent act of arson at Laramie’s downtown Republican headquarters in September.  Keller Sorber was charge after an investigation that hinged on DNA testing and an undercover operation. . . .
8) Of course, there are uncomfortable cases against Sarah Sanders and Ted Cruz.

Other cases available here.

There are other cases of people threatening violence.

February 2020: Here is a case from Arizona State University of a student who threatened to "slash Republican throats."



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