Michael Bloomberg is flip-flopping on lots of issues.

While people are focusing on Michael Bloomberg's changing positions on "Stop & Frisk," there are actually a lot of other issues and as I have time, I will add to this list.

Marijuana -- 

Then: "Three-term New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg harped on the importance of vocational education and blasted Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana as stupid Friday evening before a sold-out crowd at the Aspen Institute.When an audience member asked the 72-year-old Bloomberg about Colorado marijuana, he responded that it was a terrible idea, one that is hurting the developing minds of children. Though he admitted to smoking a joint in the 1960s, he said the drug is more accessible and more damaging today." 
Now: “Mike believes that further scientific study is required to assess the health effects of marijuana. In the meantime, he believes that no one should go to jail for smoking or possessing it,” the Bloomberg campaign said in a 13-page policy brief.
Minimum wage -- 
Then: "I, for example, am not in favor, have never been in favor of raising the minimum wage." 
Now: "If you work full-time, you should earn enough to live on a living wage. There is dignity in every job and there should be dignity in every paycheck as well," he said at a news conference.Bloomberg released new proposals to create economic opportunity for all Americans. Among the ideas: raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025."To fight poverty, we need to do something even more basic, and that is raise incomes. And we should start with the most straightforward change: raising the minimum wage," Bloomberg said.
Financial Transaction Tax --
Then: "When Washington attacked Wall Street, Bloomberg “stood up for the financial-services industry,” without any prodding from the business community" 
Now: "Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday proposed a financial transaction tax (FTT) as part of a wide-ranging financial reform plan the billionaire former New York City mayor unveiled ahead of Wednesday's debate.Bloomberg is proposing to work with Congress to implement a 0.1 percent tax on transactions for stocks, bonds and derivatives. He is calling for the tax to be phased in over time, starting at 0.02 percent, to limit any unintended consequences, according to a document from his campaign.
Marijuana legalization
Then in 2019: legalizing marijuana “perhaps the stupidest thing anybody has ever done.” 
Now: wants to decriminalize the possession of “small amounts” of marijuana and commute the sentences of certain convictions.

Social Security --
Bloomberg is now advocating for small targeted increases in Social Security benefits after repeatedly calling for cutting benefits over the past eight years. As recently as 2015, he compared AARP’s opposition to Social Security cuts to the National Rifle Association’s opposition to gun control, . .  .
“So does the AARP. Somebody suggested we change the age when Social Security kicks in in the year 2050. They went crazy, it would hurt their members. How many members of the AARP are going to be around in 2050? Come on.” . . .

Any additional examples are appreciated.



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