Interesting new Gallup Survey: No one views Global Warming as most important problem and only 2% view gun control that way

A copy of the Gallup survey is available here.

Also of interest is the percent of Americans who are satisfied with the direction of the country. The percent of Americans satisfied with how things are going in July of election years isn't a great predictor of how people will feel that November, but 35 percent who were satisfied this July was 7 percentage points higher than the previous high in July 2012.

July 2010: 21 percent satisfied
November 2010: 19 percent satisfied
July 2012: 28 percent satisfied
November 2012: 31 percent satisfied
July 2014: 24 percent satisfied
November 2014: 20 percent satisfied
July 2016: 17 percent satisfied
November 2016: 37 percent satisfied
July 2018: 35 percent satisfied

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