Broad range of company stocks soar after Trump election win

Remember the claims by Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz that a Trump win would crash the stock markets? Well, the opposite has occurred.

You get an idea of the types of industries that have been most harmed by President Obama and which ones will be helped the most by Trump see the stocks that have gone up the most.

From USA Today:

Trump’s call for lower taxes, fewer regulations on businesses and government-financed infrastructure projects are viewed as a boon for smaller companies. . . .
From the Wall Street Journal:
Shares of banks, industrials and health-care companies propelled the Dow Jones Industrial Average to 19000 on Tuesday. The bets on those sectors largely reflect investors’ expectations of looser regulation, and higher growth and interest rates under a Trump administration. . . . 
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (contributed 240.99 points to the Dow industrials since Nov. 4) and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (73.76 points) 
The two banks have been big factors in the blue-chip index’s rally this month, largely because of the improved outlook for bank earnings and the rebound in long-term bond yields, which can make lending activity more profitable.That has particularly helped J.P. Morgan, the largest bank in the nation by both assets and market value. Since the presidential election, bond yields have risen and the gap between long- and short-dated debt has widened. That should help banks’ income because it increases the difference between what lenders charge on loans and pay out on deposits. . . . 
UnitedHealth Group Inc. (99.64 points) 
The largest U.S. health insurer has struggled to eke out profitability from its Affordable Care Act plans. UnitedHealth Group has said it intends to withdraw from nearly all of the health-law marketplaces next year amid anticipated annual losses of about $850 million on ACA plans. Other insurers have also pulled back from their coverage areas under the law, leaving many counties with only one participating insurer and increased premiums. President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. Still, the law has also resulted in a Medicaid expansion, bringing new customers to the insurer. In its latest quarter, the company added 9% more Medicaid members.  . . . 
Caterpillar Inc. (77.45 points) . . .

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Blogger ZigZag Fred said...

Good news for Americans and the rest of the world !!

By the way, did you mean to say "Broad ...." in the headline?

Board range of company stocks soar after Trump election win

11/25/2016 11:31 AM  

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