Colorado State Senator who supported allowing staff to have guns at school feels even more strongly about bill after shooting as his child's high school

Could you imagine what a big story it would be if a Democrat state Senator who had a gun bill that he claimed would have stopped these attacks with more gun control had this happen at his child's school, it would have been big news.  State Sen. Ted Harvey's bill is available here.  Fortunately, there were people with guns who were able to very quickly stop the attack.  From an article by my son Maxim at Fox News:
The 18-year-old student who stormed into his Colorado school last month with a shotgun and a bandolier of bullets across his chest, fatally shooting a classmate and setting fire to the library, provided fresh ammunition for one lawmaker's bill that would allow teachers to carry guns in schools. 
The Dec. 13 incident struck a chord with Republican state Sen. Ted Harvey, whose own son attends the school, in Centennial. Harvey, whose wife is a schoolteacher, said armed teachers at Arapahoe High School might have been able to act even more quickly than the two staff members being hailed as heroes after running toward the library, where James Pierson, 18, had gunned down Claire Davis and ignited a Molotov cocktail.
“I don't want my wife and kids to be sitting ducks,” Harvey told FoxNews.com. . . .



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