Colorado state Sen. whose son was at high school with recent shooting speaks out about need to arm teachers and staff

It tells you a lot that the various gun control groups were unwilling to comment on this story.  I have been on multiple shows with representatives of these groups where they attack the NRA for not going on talk shows immediately after an attack.  Why won't these guys discuss some news that might be somewhat uncomfortable for them?  From Fox News:
The 18-year-old student who stormed into his Colorado school last month with a shotgun and a bandolier of bullets across his chest, fatally shooting a classmate and setting fire to the library, provided fresh ammunition for one lawmaker's bill that would allow teachers to carry guns in schools.
The Dec. 13 incident struck a chord with Republican state Sen. Ted Harvey, whose own son attends the school, in Centennial. Harvey, whose wife is a schoolteacher, said armed teachers at Arapahoe High School might have been able to act even more quickly than the two staff members . . . .
Harvey has introduced a bill to allow school districts in Colorado to let teachers carry guns. He sponsored the bill prior to the shooting, but says that the tragedy cements the measure's importance.
“It validated why I think an armed person in the school is a good thing,”  Harvey told FoxNews.com.
Pierson's 80-second attack started after he asked to see the school’s librarian and debate coach, whom he was angry with. He did not find the coach, and instead ended up shooting Davis, a student he didn’t know and who died after clinging to life for more than a week. Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said the sight of an armed official  likely prevented further casualties and was a “critical element to the shooter’s decision” to commit suicide. . . .
Many schools in Colorado do not have armed guards, noted Harvey.
“Not every school in Colorado has an armed guard roaming the halls," Harvey said. "I think the situation that resulted at Arapahoe high school is not what we would have seen at other schools.”
Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and the Violence Policy Center – all groups that support more gun control – declined to comment or did not answer questions from FoxNews.com about the bill. . . .
If Students for Concealed Carry ever have another national convention, this is one person they might want to invite. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Lott is a liar and a fool. There is not one iota of evidence that cc permits reduce crime. 3% of the population have cc permits and he dares to suggest that this is the factor that has reduced crime over the past five years? The truth is that the states with more guns, no matter how their carried, have far more gun deaths than states with less guns. The top gun-death states are Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, Kentucky ... The reason crime is down over the last five years is the same reason crime is down over the last 30 years: enforcement and imprisonment. Because of guns, this nation imprisons its citizens at the same rate as North Korea.

1/08/2014 1:28 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Sorry, "Chris," or whoever you are, but here is a list of research.

1/08/2014 1:36 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Chris, I'm sorry to tell you that you've been poisoned by media lies. All the information you listed is completely wrong.

There is far more than 3% of the US population having CC permits. Georgia alone has a population of 9.92 million people with over 300,000 weapons carry permits (I quote this one because it's the state I live in). Most other states are similar.

The "top gun-death states" you listed are wrong. MI, DC, LA (you were right about that one) have the highest. (check FBI Uniform Crime Reports for 2011, 2012)

Enforcement and imprisonment isn't the reason for the decrease in crime, if anything, those have contributed to some of the numbers staying up.

You need to do your own research. Don't rely on what the news tells you because they are incredibly bias and have an agenda.

1/22/2014 11:50 AM  

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