Corruption: White House discussed closing monuments with Park Service Director

One might think that this would be big news.  Using government resources for purely political goals seems like corruption to me.

REP. JOHN MICA (R-Fla.): I think nothing has resonated more with the public than to see an open-air monument such as the World War Two memorial, and closeby, the Martin Luther King memorial. It just seems that common sense did not prevail. Did you, now, you aid you take full responsibility for that action, is that correct? 
MICA: And did you discuss this with the Secretary of Interior at any time? 
JARVIS: Yes I did. 
MICA: And did she -- you didn't discuss it with anyone in the White House, did you? 
JARVIS: Several times on the phone with the White House, I presented, with the Secretary, my decision. But it was never the reverse. There was never information coming in. 
MICA: So you discussed with officials in the White House, your action, and you also discussed it with her.

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