So why does the Obama administration think that they can effectively threaten a journalist's job if the journalist says anything critical?

From Mediaite:
On Wednesday morning, CNN Newsroom anchor Carol Costello made a rather stunning, if cryptic, revelation. In discussing the firing of national security official Jofi Joseph, Costello agreed with panelist Jason Johnson that the Obama administration can be thin-skinned, and said that “President Obama’s people can be quite nasty. They don’t like you to say anything bad about their boss, and they’re not afraid to use whatever means they have at hand to stop you from doing that, including threatening your job.” . . . 
Another similar comment was made by Bob Beckel, who ran Walter Mondale's 1984 campaign:
The Five co-host Bob Beckel revealed this week that after he spoke out in favor of delaying Obamacare, he received a call from someone connected to the White House who “absolutely bludgeoned” him over the phone for daring to suggest a delay to the health care law. . . . 

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Blogger Unknown said...

Surely NO ONE is surprised.... Do these reporters have "record" buttons on their phones? Would be GREAT fun to watch faces as one of these is played back on INTERNATIONAL broadcast!

10/24/2013 11:19 AM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

They think this way for the simple reason that the Democrats refuse to uphold the Constitution when it is one of their own who breaks the rules. After all, is it not Congress who is responsible for enforcing the Impeachment Powers?

This is a President who has ordered the murders of American citizens, lets the AG run amok by engaging in gun running to foreign countries, spies on U.S. Citizens, spies on our allies in direct defiance of Treaties that prohibit such activities, and you express suprise that he would violate reporters First Amendment protections because said reporters expose his crimes?

The list of Obama's wrongfull actions are much greater than what I have said here, and I expect the list to keep growing, and the Dems to ignore it all...

10/25/2013 1:59 PM  

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