Bloomberg keeps weighing in heavily for Democrats

Right now there is a case before the Supreme Court on whether the government can limit total donations that someone makes to federal political candidates.  The limit on the amount given to any one candidate has been upheld previously, but can the government also limit the total amount that you can give to all candidates at $25,000, thus limiting the number of candidates that you can help?  

Well, for Bloomberg these limits are already meaningless because he just goes in and buys million dollar ad campaigns himself.  He did it for Cory Booker a couple of weeks ago and now he is spending $1.1 million on ads for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governors race.  Most of people who want to give over $25,000 to candidates during an election cycle at about $2,500 per candidate per race can't put together their own ad campaign.  Bloomberg is doing these donations big time to push candidates who support gun control.  This seems like a case where the current campaign finance regulations let very wealthy people such as Bloomberg play by a different set of rules from everyone else.

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