"Rural Colorado school allows teachers to carry concealed weapons"

Slowly more and more places are letting teachers carry guns.  From the Daily Caller:
School administrators in the tiny Colorado town of Briggsdale will allow an unspecified number of teachers to carry concealed handguns in the classroom as long as they agree to participate in ongoing training. 
Participants must commit to hitting the firing range for a minimum of 100 rounds per month. 
Briggsdale, located in northeastern Colorado, is too small to have it’s own police department and it’s at least 20 minutes away from the nearest emergency response.
It’s the isolation that makes arming teachers important, superintendent Rick Mondt told the Greeley Tribune. 
“I don’t have a two-minute or minute-and-30 response time,” he said. “That would be the only reason that I would think this would be somewhat of a necessity.” . . .

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