Hiring and Quits have both still lower than they were during the recession

Hiring falls during a recession, but it has continued to fall during this "recovery."  Amazingly, we are 4 years into the "recovery" and monthly hiring over the last three months is still slightly lower than it was during the recession.  Who would have thought that was possible?

Quits over the last three months are also still lower than during the recession.  To put it simply, people are apparently more afraid of quitting their jobs now than they were during the recession.

This data is from the BLS.gov JOLTS data.

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Blogger Hamilton Bard said...

Part of the reason hiring is slow is that companies can save money by exporting jobs to other countries. But a new corporation income tax rate structure can reverse that trend and bring us back to rapid employment growth.

What I advocate in my book, Job Creation Tax Plan, and in my blog, is that the existing corporation tax rates be replaced with a new tax rate structure that rewards companies whose American payrolls are growing year by year because they are investing their profits in domestic expansion. Companies that export jobs will pay a higher tax rate on their profits. This will create an incentive for companies to hire more Americans and it will empower growing companies to grow faster in the United States.

9/03/2013 4:10 AM  

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