A stunning 97 percent of net jobs added this year have been part-time jobs

So far this year there have been 963,000 new jobs.  Of those, 936,000 are part time jobs (272,000 for economic reasons and 664,000 for noneconomic reasons).  To put it differently, an incredible 97% of the jobs added this year were part-time jobs.  28% of the jobs added were part-time jobs where people had tried for full-time jobs.  These numbers make it pretty obvious why Obama wanted to put off the employer mandate that has already been forcing some companies to move to part-time workers so as to avoid government imposed penalties.  Data from the BLS.gov.

As a side note, this graph here also shows how small of growth this 963,000 new jobs is.  So we have few new jobs and those that we do have are virtually all part-time jobs.

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