Hamilton, Ohio Man stabbed three times by robber uses his gun to kill intruder in his home

What else should Robert Shoemaker have done in this case?  From the Journal News:
A Hamilton man who shot and killed an intruder last week at his Parrish Avenue home will not face criminal charges, according to Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser.
Robert Shoemaker, 38, who was stabbed multiple times on the night of Aug. 22, was justified in the shooting of his attacker Chad Gabbard, according to officials. 
The incident was investigated by Hamilton police and presented to a Butler County grand jury this morning. 
“The grand jury reported that no criminal charges would result against Robert Shoemaker and is finding that the death of Chad Gabbard was justified,” Gmoser said. . . . 
Shoemaker was stabbed by Gabbard three times in the neck during a robbery attempt, according to Hamilton officials. He was transported by paramedics to West Chester Hospital, but has been released from the hospital. 
Police received a 911 call from a woman who identified herself as Loretta Shoemaker, Robert’s mother. 
“I need an ambulance and police and stuff,” she said. “My son just hollered and told me he had been stabbed. He shot someone … yeah, he needs help. He’s got blood all over him.” . . .



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