Mississippi Supreme Court upholds state's open carry gun law

Have we heard these types of concerns before?  Who wants to bet that a year from now these concerns will be found unjustified?  From Fox News:

The Mississippi Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously upheld the state’s open carry-gun law, allowing it to take effect after a circuit judge’s order had kept it on hold about two months. . . . 
. . . Several officials, including the Hinds County district attorney, sued to block the law, saying there could be chaos if people were openly carrying guns in public places. Circuit Judge Winston Kidd put the measure on hold just before it was to become law July 1. 
After hearing arguments, Kidd issued an injunction July 12, saying the law was on hold until the Legislature can clarify it. . . .
So the official date that the law goes into effect is August 29th.



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Here's the decision:


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