Fox News: "Experiment measures crime after free gun giveaway"

Fox News has an interest discussion available here on experiments across the country that are trying to help arm poor people in high crime areas.

The most interesting takeaway from this segment is how liberals claim that they support the right of people to defend themselves, but even when poor people in high crime areas pass background checks and get training, gun control advocates still seem to find all sorts of reasons to object to these people owning guns.

It is hard for me not to notice how gun control advocates are pushing for taxes on gun ownership that is primarily being used to disarm the law-abiding poor.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Direct link to the video.

I was amused, if a little disgusted, by Geoff Berg, the controller at the end, wondering how the program administrators would be able to look parents in the eyes after their children started being killed by these shot guns.

My question is, after a few robberies, rapes, and home invasions are thwarted by program gun owners, how will trolls like Berg be able to look disarmed parents in the eyes and tell them that they do not really have the right or the competence to justify owning guns?

Oh, never mind, I know the answer: Just like he's doing here, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Also, I note that they're considering expanding the project into Chicago, Detroit, and New York, among other places. Really? Chicago? I have a hard time believing that program participants will be able to obtain FOIDs and the additional necessary permits in the Big Windy.

4/13/2013 1:53 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

The response should simply be NO. No I will not pay a tax on my safty. You have no valid RIGHTto tax me on my God given right of self protection.
Their argument is invalid.

4/13/2013 4:01 PM  

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