Obama wants to go over "Fiscal Cliff"?

It sure looks like Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff.  Apparently he just thinks that the Republicans will get blamed so he has no intent on really negotiating.  During the campaign he asked for $800 billion in tax increases.  Republicans offered him that and now he wants $1.6 trillion.  From The Hill newspaper:
Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) said Friday that President Obama is "not very engaged" in discussions over the "fiscal cliff" because he is willing to let the tax increases and spending cuts take effect in January.   
"I don't think there's a lot of incentive on the president's part to be at the table to make a deal, which is why he's not very engaged in this discussion," Thune told Fox News. 
Obama has stressed repeatedly that he believes reaching a compromise budget deal is crucial, but Thune contended his actions have not matched his rhetoric. 
"You think about it, this president just won a big election, you think he would want to lead," Thune said. "He hasn't put anything forward." . . .
Boehner is also pessimistic about the negotiations.
Boehner said there was “no progress” in the talks just three weeks before tax hikes and spending cuts kick in and expressed frustration that President Obama hasn’t made a counteroffer to the GOP’s proposal of $800 billion in new tax revenue as part of a $2.2 trillion deficit reduction plan. 
“This isn’t a progress report, because there’s no progress to report,” Boehner said in a brief press conference at the Capitol. He said the White House had “wasted another week” by not responding to House Republicans. . . . . 

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