Gergen: Democrats trying to humiliate Republicans in tax deal

David Gergen: But since this election, there’s been — I think it’s the Democrats are the ones who are really trying to rub it in and almost humiliate the Republicans, and that’s not going to get to a bargain. Again, I think it has to be win-win. … You hear among some Democrats right now, and it’s disturbing, that maybe we ought to just take it over the cliff, that’ll, we’ll score political points against the Republicans, that will force their hands in the new year. That is a very, very, dangerous risk.
See also this statement from Krauthammer:
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER:  The only reason the president insists on raising rates is because he knows it will destroy Republican unity. It will cause a complete fracture of the Republican majority in the House. It will hand him a Congress that he can then manipulate for the next two years at least because the Republicans will be neutered. 

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Blogger OldSouth said...

I'm certain of the authorship, but the quote goes like this:

'There are those who would burn down the world just to claim ownership of the ashes.'

12/05/2012 12:14 AM  

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