Survey shows that some academics in social psychology would not hire conservatives

Anyone who has been in academia shouldn't find this too surprising.  From Inside Higher Education:
A new study, however, challenges that assumption -- at least in the field of social psychology. The study isn't due to be published until next month (in Perspectives on Psychological Science), and the authors and others are noting limitations to the study. But its findings of bias by social psychologists (even if just a decent-sized minority of them) are already getting considerable buzz in conservative circles. Just over 37 percent of those surveyed said that, given equally qualified candidates for a job, they would support the hiring of a liberal candidate over a conservative candidate. Smaller percentages agreed that a "conservative perspective" would negatively influence their odds of supporting a paper for inclusion in a journal or a proposal for a grant.   (The final version of the paper is not yet available, but an early version may be found on the website of the Social Science Research Network.) . . .



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