Clint Eastwood speaks at the Republican National Convention

Pretty amazing speech when you consider that the teleprompter froze very early on.  

UPDATE: Still, the mainstream media has been less than happy with his talk, with attacks on the quality of the presentation.  Here are two pieces from the Washington Post.

Awkward, thy name is Clint Eastwood.The previous sentence is stunning, given that Eastwood has made a career on his cool stoicism and tough-guy patois. I mean, this is the man who played “Dirty Harry.”
And yet, after Eastwood’s speech on the final night of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, “awkward” may be the kindest term we can think of.
The Hollywood star’s appearance wasn’t announced until mid-week, and when he stepped on stage Thursday night — after a stirring documentary film about Mitt Romney’s life — the audience was clearly expecting a bravura performance. . . . .
He hemmed. He hawed. He mumbled. He rambled. . . . .
And here.

Now we know why political conventions are scripted.Mitt Romney delivered a good and personal acceptance speech Thursday night. His campaign produced a sterling video about the candidate. People who know Romney offered testimony about his values, his compassion and his business acumen. But all anyone seemed to be talking about when the convention ended was Clint Eastwood and an empty chair.The discomfort of Ann Romney, appearing on “CBS This Morning” on Friday, spoke volumes about how the Eastwood moment was received. She tried her best to be positive, but she clearly was surprised by what she had witnessed onstage. . . . 
The media reaction is discussed here.  This clip also mentions how the teleprompter froze during Eastwood's appearance.



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