Canadian High School fires "exceptional" physics teacher because he gave some students zeroes

From the Edmonton Sun:
. . . Dorval is the 35-year classroom veteran who generated national attention last spring when he refused to adhere to his principal’s “no-zero” policy.Rather than resuming his Physics lectures, Dorval will instead be facing a hearing on Sept. 10 at which the superintendent of public schools, Edgar Schmidt, will decide whether or not Dorval should be fired for continuing to give zeros to students who refuse to hand in assignments despite his Principal Ron Bradley’s demand that he stop.
The true shame of this is that an exceptional teacher appears about to be tossed because of the educational establishment’s devotion to a theory that has almost no basis in research.
Not only is the public’s common sense offended nearly every time and everywhere it is revealed that educrats have implemented no-zero grading, according to a study released Monday by Winnipeg’s Frontier Centre for Public Policy the empirical research on no-zero policies “is surprisingly weak.”. . .



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