Very Slowly Privatizing Airport Security

Is it a big question of who is most likely to run airport screening most effectively and efficiently? If weapons get through, a private company will get fired. If the government has a monopoly on these services, what incentives do they have to get things right? From CBS in Sacramento:
The Sacramento International Airport is considering making a security change, and it could mean getting rid of TSA agents.

Long lines and long faces are usually what TSA security checkpoint employees see everyday.

But now the airport may be the third largest airport in the country to replace these government workers with ones from a private company.

“It’s a win-win for everything has no bearing on security procedure or the processes the public has become accustomed to,” said Linda Beech Cutler, Sacramento International Airport.

So far passengers at large airports like San Francisco and Kansas City are becoming accustomed to the same plan already in place.

Fourteen smaller airports around the country have also joined the screening partnership program. . . .



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