Transcript of my appearance on July 23rd on Brett Baier's Special Report

The transcript is as follows:
Baier: Mitt Romney's campaign has steered clear any politicization of the tragedy. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney banned some assault weapons sales but eased other gun sales. Fox News polls take an after two earlier mass shootings found nearly three three-fourths of Americans believe that tougher gun laws would not help stop such carnage. 
John Lott, who authored the book, "More Guns, Less Crime," says with only one exception, every multiple victim shooting has occurred in places where guns are banned, reducing the chances that a licensed gun owner would be armed and able to stop the shooter. 
JOHN LOTTFOXNEWS.COM CONTRIBUTOR: These bans serve as a magnet. They actually cause criminals to be more likely to attack in those places. 
MCKELWAY: There is agreement in one aspect of gun control. The NRA agrees with gun control advocates that people found to be mentally ill should be prohibited from owning a firearm -- Shannon. 
BREAM: Thank you very much, Doug. . . .

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