James Carville says that the Citizens United case has so far benefited Democrats more than Republicans

Well, possibly the Democrats will now calm down their rhetoric a little over the case. The point for allowing free speech isn't that it systematically benefits one side. It is that there is a benefit from allowing speech and competing ideas. From ABC's "This Week":
CARVILLE: The real surprising thing of the campaign is the Democratic super PACs have been more influential thus far, Priorities USA, American Bridge. They have driven the debate in this campaign much more than -- than the Republican super PACs. Now, whether that continues through September and October, I'm not willing to say, but as of July 15th, it's the Democratic super PACs that have basically driven this whole Bain tax return, whatever it is. And for better or for worse, that's what happened.

WILL: It's an old story about advertising. Advertising dollars are just as good as the product they have advertised. The entire Ford Motor Company's marketing genius was put behind the Edsel, didn't help. The Edsel wasn't a good product. . . .

Some worry that this means that this means that David Brock is driving American political debate.



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