"Obama misses new budget deadline"

What is the point of these rules if the Obama administration is never going to even try to follow them? It is like the Obama administration doesn't think that the rules apply to them.
The Obama administration has missed another annual budget deadline, failing to send Congress a mid-session budget review before July 16.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) confirmed Monday that the deadline for the review, due every year on that date, was not met this year.

“There will be a mid-session review and timing is still being determined,” spokeswoman Moira Mack said.

Last year, OMB issued its mid-session review on Sept. 1. The document is supposed to contain revised spending, tax collection and deficit numbers to update the February budget proposal.

Releasing documents late has become a regular event at OMB. Obama this year released his 2013 budget past deadline for the third year in a row. Under the law, the budget is to be released on the first Monday in February, but came out on Feb. 13 this year.

The Obama administration also delayed the release of the budget last year, waiting until Feb. 14. . . .



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