Vice President Joe Biden declares that 'General Motors is the largest corporation in the world again'

Has the bailout been really this successful? That is what Biden claimed on Face the Nation.
"Look, you know, everything that he said, the American people don't think the policies have worked. Romney argued about let — not an exact quote — but let Detroit go bankrupt. Wasn't very popular action the president took. Now they're hiring people. You know, hundreds of thousands of new people instead of losing 400,000 jobs. General Motors is the largest corporation in the world again."
See also this here.
On the broader-based Forbes list, Volkswagen weighed in at No. 24. Daimler (think Mercedes-Benz) hit No. 43. Ford and Toyota ranked No. 54 and No. 55. General Motors trailed at No. 61. . . . • No. 18 in sales • No. 70 in profit • No. 155 in assets • No. 148 in market value

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Blogger boomerstan said...

He's 30 years behind

4/10/2012 8:48 PM  

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