One newspaper in Eastern Michigan comes out in favor of allowing concealed weapons on campus

With a bill before the Michigan state legislature that will allow carrying on campus, the Eastern Echo in Michigan has this well-written piece (available here).
Concealed weapons should be allowed on campus. There, I said it. After years of believing weapons should not be allowed on university property, I have flipped my position. I can no longer find a valid reason as to why law-abiding citizens who attend and work at Eastern Michigan University or any university campus should be left defenseless. Last week, the group Students for Concealed Carry protested the ban on carrying concealed weapons on campus. It coincided with a bill passed in the Michigan Senate that will lift the ban and allow citizens to legally carry concealed weapons at universities. Last week was also one in which seven people were killed at Oikos University in Oakland by a former student. According to the LA Times, the alleged gunman lined his victims up in a classroom before shooting them. The police arrived as soon as they possibly could, but for seven people it was not soon enough. . . .

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Blogger Drang said...

Just to be clear, the Eastern Echo is the campus newspaper of my alma mater, Eastern Michigan University.

Surprised they didn't change the name when the mascot was changed from the Huron (Indian)--the Huron River runs just off-campus--to an Eagle...

4/10/2012 1:29 AM  

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