The revolution in Louisiana's education system

In a couple of years Louisiana will have a pretty amazing educational system. The Milton Friedman Foundation put this out:
Louisiana will be home to one of the nation’s largest school voucher programs once Gov. Bobby Jindal signs legislation that recently passed his state’s legislature. Today, by a vote of 60-42, the Louisiana House of Representatives approved Gov. Jindal’s voucher expansion, which passed the Senate last night 24-15. “This is a momentous day for the families of Louisiana,” State Superintendent of Education John White said. “All students deserve a fair chance in life, and that begins with the opportunity to attend a high-quality school. These policy changes are aligned with that central belief, and Gov. Jindal and state lawmakers have demonstrated a clear commitment to prioritize the educational rights of Louisiana’s next generation above all else.” The expansion of the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program will allow low- and middle-income students in Louisiana public schools graded “C,” “D,” or “F” by the state accountability system to receive government-funded vouchers to attend private schools. Currently, that option is available only to children in New Orleans and students with special needs in eligible parishes. . . .

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Blogger Edward Richardson said...

So now our taxes go to send kids to private schools? "Low" and "middle income" means everyone in Louisiana. So after this bill becomes law virtually every student in every poor performing public school will be eligible for taxpayer-funded subsidies for private schools.

This stinks. Public schools are public - that is they're a reflection of local areas, the good and the bad. You don't like it, move, or take charge and fix your local problems. I shouldn't have to pay for your kid to attend a private school.

4/12/2012 11:19 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

The point is to create competition. 88 percent of school children go to public schools because their parents are taxed and their money given to public schools. If you want to send your children to private schools, you have to pay twice for schooling. There is no reason that the government should have this type of monopoly.

4/14/2012 2:12 AM  

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