Appearing on The Jim Bohannon Show at 10 PM EDT tonight

It will be fun to be on Jim Bohannon's Show tonight.

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Blogger Edward Richardson said...

You were fantastic as usual Mr. Lott but it was excruciating to listen to Jim Bohannon demean American businesses for using overseas labor. You need to point out that Bohannon himself, as a consumer, benefits from this arrangement as do the rest of us. An iPhone manufactured using US labor would be $3000/unit. A Chinese worker is 1/4 the cost of his/her US counterpart - would Mr. Bohannon like to pay quadruple for computers, microwaves, printers, televisions, virtually everything in his house?

And to a larger point: it's none of Mr. Bohannon's business what a company does. Their allegiance is not to the US worker but to their owners. If I start a motorcycle company using Chinese labor that is that much more money I have to invest in my company, take care of my family and so forth. It really is none of his business what a US corporation does - all they are are a tax filing. If Americans want more jobs perhaps they should have less overhead (demanding health care, 401k), perhaps they should sue companies less (1 in 6 chance), perhaps they themselves should not carry so much risk, perhaps they should vote in politicians lowering the corporate tax rate.

Also, the US went from being a manufacturing economy to a services-oriented one long ago. The idea of American factories churning out iPhones and Nintento Wiis is absurd.

4/12/2012 11:25 PM  

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