Hoekstra's ad raises questions of racial sensitivity?

I guess that I don't see how a beautiful Asian woman is a threatening visual image that will stir up racism and xenophobia." I would think that a gruff looking man fits that image much better. My own guess is that this just shows that how effective Hoekstra's campaign has been. From the Washington Post:

The portrayal of a young Asian woman speaking broken English in a Super Bowl ad being run by U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra against Michigan incumbent Debbie Stabenow is bringing charges of racial insensitivity.

GOP consultant Nick De Leeuw flat-out scolded the Holland Republican for the ad.

“Stabenow has got to go. But shame on Pete Hoekstra for that appalling new advertisement,” De Leeuw wrote on his Facebook page Sunday morning. “Racism and xenophobia aren’t any way to get things done.”

The nonpartisan Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote group’s Michigan chapter said it was “deeply disappointed” by the ad, noting that the Asian-American community is a major contributor to Michigan’s economy. In 2010, Michigan’s 236,490 Asian-Americans made up 2.4 percent of the state’s population, up 35 percent from 2000. . . . .



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

The gist of the advert is very clear, and does nothing to even remotely suggest racial insensitivity.

Spending our future away by borrowing money from China, and sending our jobs there is the real problem.

As usual, the detractors of this ad focus not on providing a valid argument against the message itself, but instead rely on PC because they cannot fight the truth.

2/06/2012 1:08 PM  

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