Do environmentalists understand that if you make bicycling take a long time fewer people will do it?

This is pretty funny. Environmentalists want everyone to bicycle to work, but if you make it unattractive enough, not that many people will do it. From CBS Denver:

Bicyclists in Boulder may have to watch how fast they coast. The City Council is considering an 8 mph speed limit for cyclists in certain locations.

The council will consider the speed limit proposal at next week’s meeting. In the meantime, the ordinance has some cyclists pedaling their opposition.

“The biking community wants to have consistent laws around the state. People travel from city to city every day,” said Bicycle Colorado Executive Director Dan Grunig.

Grunig has been hearing mutterings of a bike speed limit in Boulder for a few months. The speed limit would only apply when cyclists are pedaling through a crosswalk. . . .

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Blogger Chris said...

That seems pretty absurd. I'm all for more people cycling - I have a folding bike that I use in combination with public transit. i *could* choose to drive to work, but I prefer riding, as it is both faster and better for the environment. Even if they want to put a speed limit in, 8mph is REALLY slow, but pretty much anyone's standards.
But on the other hand, I'm puzzled because driving can be really slow too...although more because of traffic than speed limits.

11/15/2011 10:57 AM  
Blogger Sherm said...

If passed, I suspect this law would only be honored in the breach. Realistically, for example, how often do you see a bicycle rider stopping at a stop sign? This law has been on the books for generations and is known and understood by anyone out of preschool.

11/15/2011 11:27 AM  

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