Nice discussion on how Londoners would have benefited from having a gun during the recent riots

Nolan Finley has this piece in the Detroit News.

Defenders of the Second Amendment couldn't have asked for a greater gift than the spectacle of unarmed policemen and defenseless citizens standing by helplessly while rampaging hordes of youths burned London and beat up and murdered innocent residents.
Europhiles endlessly remind us of the superiority, compassion and refinement of the European social democracies.
But the anarchy that raged in England couldn't happen in America. At least not in my neighborhood, where every third house contains a hunter with a gun safe full of pistols, shotguns and rifles.
We've ceded many or our liberties to the government, but so far we've hung on to the right to defend ourselves and protect our families and homes. We pay our cops to do the same. . . .

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