Atlas Shrugged Parts 2 and 3 will still be made

This is great news. Despite all the liberal movie reviewers who hated the movie, I thought that part 1 was very good. Could they have spent more than $10 million making it to get snazzier special effects? Sure. Did it really matter? No. The actors did a good job, the script was pretty good (slightly too reliant on the book's dialogue), and the point of the movie was powerful.

. . . In fact, said John Aglialoro, the co-producer and financier, it's the monolithic view from critics that say the movie stinks that is motivating him to make Parts 2 and 3, he told The Hollywood Reporter.
And he defended his film Wednesday by accusing professional film reviewers of political bias. How else, he asks, to explain their distaste for a film that is liked by the audience? At Rottentomatoes.com, 7,400 people gave it an average 85% score.
Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, though, gave the movie zero stars, and Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave it one. A dozen others were equally dismissive.
"It was a nihilistic craze," Aglialoro said. "Not in the history of Hollywood has 16 reviewers said the same low things about a movie.
"They're lemmings," he said. "What's their fear of Ayn Rand? They hate this woman. They hate individualism.
"I'm going to get a picture of Ebert and Travers and the rest of them so I can wake up in the morning and they'll be right there. They're revitalizing me with their outrageousness."
Aglialoro said he had to scale down his ambition for the film to be in 1,000 theaters this weekend, so it will likely be closer to 400. During its opening weekend, the movie took in $5,640 per screen but then only $1,890 in its second. Through Wednesday, the film had grossed $3.3 million since opening April 15.
Aglialoro acknowledged that spending almost no money on marketing and relying almost entirely on the Internet and talk radio -- a strategy he boasted of a week ago -- was ineffective in the long run.
"You really need to spend millions to get the message on TV screens," he said. "If I want Part 2 to open on 1,500 screens, I need to decide if I want to spend $10 million on TV commercials." . . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The movie will be respected in times to come. It has more in it than is being appreciated right now by the current crop of critics.

5/25/2011 1:14 AM  
Blogger swingfan said...

It is imperative that the leftist critics tried to destroy this production because it is right on straight. The movie also was not the financial failure that lefty bloggers purport. It is in the top
30% grossing films of the year, outgrossing 125 other films.

5/29/2011 4:39 PM  
Blogger Ken Creamer said...

I think Ron Paul fans; especially the college students are ripe for the rest of this movie, including Part I. There are at least a million or more, probably 20 million, Grass Roots people supporting Ron Paul. At $24 dollars per 3 DVD set of PART I, II, and III, you're looking at a potential 24 Million $, to possibly 240 million $, take without the theater involvement. This should allow enough incentive to finish Parts 2 & 3 without the Theaters cut in on the take, and then you could retire to Atlantis and tell the Theaters to go to farm. Also, the Ron Paul campaign could use the DVD's as a donation attraction to help market them for the campaign after marking them up from the realistic costs for either 3 (including Part 1) or 2 DVDs w/o part 1. A good starting contact to mull this over would be Trevor Lyman, at lyman.trevor=gmail.com@mail19.us1.mcsv.net. The key ages of Ron Paul’s support are college to 30 year olds. This is also the age group of people who also need to understand the façade of controlled and manipulated public opinion to restore this Country to the Political System once envisioned by our Founding Geniuses. While Ron Paul has, himself, created a thirst for Liberty and a Small Government, he has not yet broken the code of control of the public through rigged public opinion. This can also be rectified by an inserted flyer introducing the concept with the DVDs or by in introductory piece at the beginning of one of the DVDs.

1/23/2012 9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Individualists should not lose sight of the community to which they belong, and the community should not forget that it is made of individualists, each as unique and sovereign as the next. It is not a matter of either, or, but be both, as it has been given to us with two brains. There is a story about the Bradfor Plymouth settlers and their struggle through their first winter. They worked within a commune economy where the products of their labors went to the community chess, where everyone received an equal share. They nearly starved that first winter. People were performing the least for what they got in return from the community. The next year, the strategy changed. "Ok...everyone can work for themselves. Keep your goods for yourself, and if desired, sell your surplus." Not only did they have plenty, but there was plenty enough to invite the local Indians over for a Thanksgiving dinner. With saints and heroes aside, only when an individual is working for themselves, do they flourish and prosper, and by their prosperous labors, enrich the community govering body that serves the community of individualists.

4/11/2012 9:34 PM  

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