7-year-old faces criminal charges after bringing a nerf gun to school

Wow, what a relief! There is no evidence of the 7-year-old with a Nerf gun threatening anyone with violence! I was absolutely sure that he had brought the gun to school to knock off his fellow students.

A 7-year-old child allegedly shot a Nerf-style toy gun in his Hammonton, N.J., school Jan. 18. No one was hurt, but the pint-size softshooter now faces misdemeanor criminal charges.
Hammonton Police began an investigation into the “suspicious activity” at the Hammonton Early Childhood Education Center Jan. 18 after school officials alerted them to the incident.
The "gun" the child brought to school was a $5 toy gun, similar to a Nerf gun, that shoots soft ping pong type balls, according to the school's superintendent.
Officials also say that there was no evidence of anyone being threatened. . . .



Blogger Rail Claimore said...

New Jersey. That tells me everything.

2/24/2011 11:52 PM  

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