Governor Walker puts Obama in his place over advice on how to deal with Wisconsin's deficit

The WSJ has this.

Mr. Walker also bristled at comments by President Barack Obama that his bill "seems like more of an assault" on unions. "When your budget is fixed, you can stick your nose in ours," Mr. Walker said. "But in the meantime, let us fix our budget the way we said we were going to." . . .



Blogger Chas said...

Eliminating collective bargaining is wrong. One doesn’t bring a sledgehammer to the bargaining table to destroy the table. Why is Walker so afraid of bargaining? Does he anticipate that he will be that incompetent at the bargaining table? If he means to cut a tough deal with the unions, that’s one thing, but to toss out the idea of even bargaining with them is wrong.
As usual, Obama is timid and tepid on the issue. The fact is, this doesn't "seem like" an assault on the unions, it is an assault on the unions.
If you think that public employee unions are bad, you should look at the lawless, self-serving, government thugs that public employees have to work for. With reckless bosses like them, public employees NEED unions.

2/19/2011 5:55 AM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Chas: Collective bargaining for public employees is a privilege, unlike that for private employees whom have the right under the commerce clause.

In the case of public employees, they have time and again abused said privilege, all at the expense of We The People. Under normal circumstances, when a privilege is abused, it is taken away. If Gov. Walker is ever to get a balanced budget into place, these abuses must be eliminated.

To call Gov. Walkers actions an "assault on unions" is simply incorrect. It is a reaction to prior abuses...

Unions came into existence to combat poor pay, bad/unsafe working conditions, and creating a level playing field for workers and employers alike. So, what is so wrong about adhering to the simplicity of the aforementioned?

Besides, lumping all state employees together in one contract simply fails to address the differences in jobs. e.g. DMV workers vs. computer programmers. Or whatever other comparison one can think of.

Time will tell...

2/21/2011 1:41 PM  

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