Democrat governors giving large amounts of money out to public sector unions as they are leaving office

With the federal stimulus money expiring, these were already going to be tight budget years for many states. This is a nice parting gift from Democrats who are leaving office.

Departing Democratic leaders in several states have tried to get new two-year contracts for state-employee unions approved before they leave office. The incoming Republicans have said the deals are too generous and would tie their hands as they craft budgets. . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

Public employee unions do not manage the states' finances. That's the governors' responsibility and they've done a lousy job of it, but they are trying to shift the blame off to the unions.
It's ridiculous that spendthrift governors, who arrogantly refuse to listen to the advice of unions on how to really save money, are trying to shift the blame for their own incompetent financial mismanagement off onto the unions. The governors are trying to capitalize on public resentment of pubic employees during a bad economy, but the public needs to say, "Oh no, Governor, the state's finances are YOUR responsibility, not the unions‘. The unions aren't to blame for the state's deficit, YOU are. We elected YOU to be the one responsible. The buck stops with YOU."

12/19/2010 8:06 AM  

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