Rush Limbaugh discusses my op-ed "A 'Recovery' Like No Other"

Rush discusses my recent op-ed entitled "A 'Recovery' Like No Other" this way:

RUSH: Once again, ladies and gentlemen, it's left to me, El Rushbo, for tough economic truth. Tough love, tough of economic truth. John Lott Jr.: "A 'Recovery' Like No Other." Now, this was posted as an editorial on Fox News if anybody wants to look for it. You can also go to John Lott's website where there's more discussion of this phenomenon of "temporary help service." Mr. Lott says, "This is the first entirely 'temporary help service' job recovery. Our current 'recovery' might be in its seventeenth month, but the few new private sector jobs have come from companies temporarily hiring staff on a contract basis. What were once jobs reserved for people hired to cover seasonal demand or permanent employees on sick leave have become the standard employment for many workers.

"Companies simply don't want the risk of hiring workers that they might soon have to get rid of." Now, that's the key, and I'm gonna 'splain why here in just a second. "Companies simply don't want the risk of hiring workers that they might soon have to get rid of. Since the recovery started in June 2009," supposedly; we'll just go with the flow here since this is his piece, "the total number of private sector jobs has increased by 203,000. But these weren't 'regular,' permanent jobs. Indeed, permanent private sector..." in the recovery. Are you listening? "[P]ermanent private sector jobs fell by 257,000. ... The explanation behind temporary job creation is pretty simple: uncertainty."

Uncertainty. "Companies don't want to make longer-term commitments if they don't know what the next couple of years will look like," and by the way, two more years of these tax rates, that's not gonna help somebody make a five-year business plan, which is what they do. "Companies don't want to make longer-term commitments if they don't know what the next couple of years will look like. New regulations are being imposed on companies, be it health care, finance, the environment, and the other areas," as Obama's path of destruction widens and deepens. There you have it: Uncertainty. They have to stay in business. They are doing what they have to to stay in business. How about this recovery?

We got this big news here today: Fewer people applied for unemployment benefits, AP says! "Oh, goody goody goody!" Yeah, well, we've lost 257,000 private sector jobs since the recovery began. Many new jobs are temporary. Why hire somebody and have to let 'em go? What a mess that is. The market responds to realities. Temporary service agencies have sprung up because entrepreneurs have sensed this is how companies will fill their employment needs. It's not because anybody's evil. It's not because anybody is mean. They have to stay in business. They have to deal with the circumstances that are, and those are circumstances being dictated to and by a swath of destruction in the private sector unlike we've ever seen -- authored, instituted, implemented by Barack Obama.

Now, Mr. Lott, John Lott Jr., points out a truly bizarre phenomenon: "A 9.8 percent unemployment rate that is higher than when the recovery [supposedly] began," and a two-year extension of the Bush tax rates is not gonna change this. It won't give any company any sense of confidence. Why hire somebody for two years and have to pay 'em unemployment benefits for three? Obama's not doing anything anybody any favors here. As I say, if I'm a Republican in the Congress, and I hear Obama say, "My presidency hinges on this," I say, "Bye-bye!"

As a loyal Rush listener for many years, I have a membership at Rush 24/7 and get the pod casts. I assume that it is OK for me to provide the short segment that he did when he read my piece. The piece is available here as an .mov file.

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Blogger Proof said...

Hopefully, the Rushalanche will follow!

12/17/2010 12:07 AM  
Blogger Jon said...

Congratulations, Dr. Lott!
I was delighted to hear your piece explained to a even wider audience, of whom, many are already familiar with your writing.
This administration has got to go. Surely this Chavez-like lying has to be recognized by many people and hopefully that will be reflected at the ballot box in 2012.
Your piece helps highlight their lies.

12/17/2010 6:32 AM  

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