An Op-ed by my Son Roger at Dartmouth

Roger's piece can be seen here and is on the indoctrination over sex that occurs at Dartmouth. I promise that it is a good read and gives people an idea of what college life is like these days.

Here is a response in the Dartmouth newspaper to Roger's piece. This is one supportive piece, but it describes the attacks on Roger.

When I read the recent column by Roger Lott ’14, a reasonable call for modesty and respect in conversations about sex (“Explicit Signals,” Oct. 28), I did not expect the campus to agree with him. Having written on this subject before, I am all too well aware of people’s inability to see past their passionate preferences for over-sexualized campus culture. Attempts like those made by Lott to invite the campus to reflect a bit on its evangelical sexuality will inevitably fall on deaf ears.

No, it was not the rejection of Lott’s ideas that I found surprising. It was instead the complete and total disregard for his dignity as an individual and the cruel ad hominem attacks made against him merely for having the temerity to express a view contrary to the campus zeitgeist.

Comments on Lott’s article include, “Clearly, Roger Lott needs to get some,” and “Mr. Lott, I pity your future wife or husband.” These, furthermore, are representative only of comments posted on The Dartmouth’s website; I had several friends in Greek organizations tell me that people were blitzing even worse comments to their houses about Lott. . . .



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Good on him. You done good too Dad.

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