NRA gives endorsements to pro-gun Democrats

The NRA has been giving endorsements to both Republicans and Democrats this election. The ratio in the House races is by about 3-to-1. Republicans are grumbling that the Democrat endorsements that the NRA is making are in precisely those races where there endorsements will make the most difference. Would the NRA rather have Speaker Pelosi or the Republicans in charge of the House? Anyway, here is the line up of endorsements:

US Senate:
23 Republicans
2 Democrats

US House:
197 Republicans
61 Democrats

19 Republicans
3 Democrats

Lt. Gov:
9 Republicans
2 Democrats

14 Republicans
6 Democrats

State Senate:
509 Republicans
143 Democrats

State House:
1916 Republicans
588 Democrats

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Blogger Radio Babylon said...

im not a member of the NRA because i want them to stump for a particular political point of view... i give them my money to protect my right to keep and bear arms. period. thats what they are doing.

10/09/2010 9:27 PM  
Blogger UncleRobertBlogsDotCom said...

Some of The Most Famous NRA Members Include JFK & RFK.

10/13/2010 11:37 PM  

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