New Fox News piece: Despite White House Spin, Obama Believes Government Should Run Our Economy

This is how my newest Fox News piece starts off:

The White House is in full spin mode trying to convince Americans that President Obama doesn't hate business. The president claims: "it's very hard to find evidence of anything that we've done that is designed to squash business as opposed to promote business." His administration's economists were out in force at the end of last week trying to argue that Obama was actually pro-business. The impression here matters because Americans see how incredibly slow this "recovery" and they intrinsically understand how eliminating incentives will stop growth.

President Obama may hope Americans will forget that he called Wall Street executives "fat cats," bondholders "speculators," and accused doctors who zealously test patients of being "driven from a business mentality." But he has made these attacks too often. Voters can too easily recall him regularly blaming private companies rather than the government for the financial crisis. Indeed, the only blame he gives to the federal government is that there wasn't enough regulation.

Businesses remember the outrageous and factually inaccurate attacks on companies. For instance, Obama pretended that firms and industries are more monopolistic than they are to justify government intervention. And who can forget him lashing out against doctors numerous times accusing them of preferring to amputate a foot rather than "treated [diabetes] as effectively as it could" because they can earn more money (here and here).

The problem comes down to how Obama thinks the market operates. . . .

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OpenID ken-maurer said...

Being "pro-business" is hardly the same as being in favor of the free market. Our history is full of administrations doing everything they could to help their hand-picked businesses or industries, from TR, Wilson and FDR to LBJ and the current "progressives". Left to itself the free market often produces results they don't find convenient, destroys businesses they "know" should prosper, and prospers businesses they "know" are bad for society.

10/07/2010 6:00 PM  

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