Obama's electoral coalition showing signs of weakness

These results Pew Research Center are a lot more relevant for this November's elections than the 2012 presidential race.

A majority of those who voted for Obama still approve of the job he is doing. But that number is eroding.

Surprisingly, support for the president among Latinos, young people and women has dropped as much as it has among groups that were considered less likely to stick with the president, such as white males, according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

Support among suburbanites has dropped dramatically too, surveys show, while African American voters remain Obama's most loyal constituency and his fiercest defenders. . . .

approval ratings at this point in a presidency are a poor indicator of a president's chances at reelection. . . .

Obama voters evince little interest in the midterm election. When they express goodwill toward the president, it rarely extends to his allies in Congress. Many do not consider themselves Democrats. . . .

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