Even judges use guns for self-defense

This self-defense example was covered by the Associated Press.

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Officials in Richmond County say a man who was shot after a break-in at the home of Superior Court Judge Carlisle Overstreet has died at the Medical College of Georgia Hospital.
Richmond County sheriff's Capt. Scott Peebles said Overstreet shot one of two men who broke into his home early Friday.
Chief Deputy Coroner Mark Bowen says 20-year-old John E. Howard Jr. died about an hour after he was shot.
The judge told police he heard a noise, got up and discovered two men in his home. He says he pulled out a gun and fired a shot.
Richmond County deputies are still searching for a second person involved in the break-in.



Blogger Gary said...

This is such a controversy. Judges can actually keep guns anywhere i heard.

Gary Lew
Criminal records

8/20/2010 7:22 PM  

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