Concealed Handgun permits by State

Arizona 3/21/2010 153,209
Arkansas end of 2009 80,000
Sadler said the number of requests for new permits rose drastically in January, February and March last year but has since leveled off to about 2,000 monthly for both new permits or renewals. . . .

Kansas 3/1/2010 27,022
Michigan March 2, 2010 223,418
The majority of concealed pistol licenses in Michigan were granted within the last five years. As of March 2, state police said there were 223,418 concealed pistol license holders in Michigan, of whom 145,351, or 65 percent, were first-time licensees since 2001, including 1,587 in Berrien County.
In the 2008-09 fiscal year, a record high of 66,446 licenses were issued in Michigan, including 751 in Berrien County. . . .

North Carolina 6/30/2009 158,590
Utah December 31, 2009 214,403

Louisiana data up to February 2008

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Blogger Weer'd Beard said...

Here in Massachusetts our safety training courses are still heavily backlogged. Also there are only a few towns that require re-certification on renewal (and I believe such practices are illegal under our laws) also the fact that around half the attendees are women, a noted underrepresented demographic) says to me that the permits are still on the rise.

3/25/2010 8:03 AM  
Blogger Rail Claimore said...

I'd love to see the stats for all states by percentage of adults with permits. IIRC, states with no training requirement have the highest percentage. Alabama, for instance, has roughly 250,000 permit holders. That's almost as many as Texas has in a state with 1/5 the population. The difference? Texas has a state-mandated training requirement in addition to waiting months for the DPS to actually go through your records then issue the permit. Alabama's process is as simple as filling out a one-page application at your local county sheriff's department.

3/31/2010 7:46 PM  

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