MSNBC Poll asks: "How safe do you feel knowing there are people around legally carrying concealed guns?"

The poll is available here.

The article that MSNBC has is entitled: "Record numbers now licensed to pack heat." But it is a strange article, as it doesn't mention any numbers on the number of permit holders. Do I think that it is correct about the claim in the title? Yes, though the actual article has an extreme left bias.



Blogger John A said...

Heh. As of 12:07 here on the East Coast, the result is 71-24 "very safe" to "in danger" with 20thousand replies. Watch for this to disappear.

3/24/2010 12:12 PM  
Blogger Paul_In_Houston said...

I don't get the vapors over someone who has made it through the qualification process to get the permit to legally carry one.

These people are the last ones you need to worry about.

I'm delighted to see the poll showing so many with common sense.

Because of that, I don't expect MSNBC to trumpet it much.


3/24/2010 1:21 PM  
Blogger OldSouth said...

Almost 72% feel very safe.

Poor Keith Olbermann...

3/24/2010 8:15 PM  
Blogger Paul_In_Houston said...

As of 9 PM CST, 24 Mar 2010, out of almost 64000 votes, the tally is
77.5 % Very Safe
18.8 % In Danger
3.7 % Not Sure.


3/24/2010 10:07 PM  
Blogger Suburban said...

I hit the poll. Thanks for the post.

I put the link up on my firearm blog, and will pass the word onto the Google Gun Poll group.

3/28/2010 5:02 PM  

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