"Fellow academics shocked by Climategate"

From the Washington Times:

One of the defenses offered by the media and those caught in Climategate has been that no matter how obvious the e-mails seem, there is a complicated context that means only academics can fully grasp what the e-mails meant. For example, CNN quibbled that, "there's very little context" in the leaked e-mails. We checked into what academics outside the cabal of global-warming advocates have been saying, and their view of the cover-up ranges anywhere from it being "disappointing" to "highly disturbing." Some professional researchers are shocked, while others are not. . . .

The rest of the piece has the interesting quotes from the academics.

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Blogger Chas said...

"Results 1 - 10 of about 28,600,000 for climategate."

"Your search climategate did not match any documents"

Will CNN crack before 50 million pages on Google?

12/03/2009 7:13 PM  

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