"84-year-old man fends off intruder in Ridley Township"

Defensive gun use in Southeastern Pennsylvania

RIDLEY TOWNSHIP — Don Kaighn doesn’t want to be portrayed as a hero or a vigilante.

“I was just protecting myself,” said the 84-year-old, standing next to a dresser mirror that was shattered during what appeared to have been an all-out gunfight in the bedroom of his Franklin Avenue home.

A bullet also pierced a rifle case next to Kaighn’s bed during a violent home invasion Monday night. All around the bedroom and out into the hallway, investigators left behind numbered stickers indicating where bullet holes were found.

Kaighn, a World War II veteran and a longtime member of the National Rifle Association, said he was bruised and had pulled a muscle, but was not seriously injured.

“I got a little too much exercise trying to chase her out of the house,” the octogenarian said, maintaining a sense of humor after his difficult ordeal. . . .

Kaighn fled downstairs and dialed 911. The dispatcher told him to stay on the phone until police arrived.

“When you’re waiting, it seems like hours,” Kaighn said. . . .

Thanks to Gus Cotey for the story.



Blogger Mathew Paust said...

Evidently "Get off my porch!" wasn't enough.

Trying to chase "her" out? This looks to be quite an interesting story.

12/03/2009 8:59 AM  

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