My Son Roger's Book Review in the Washington Times

My son's book review of THE PERSECUTION OF SARAH PALIN by Matthew Continetti starts off this way:

Can you imagine Newsweek magazine putting a picture of Bill Clinton in running shorts on its front cover after the release of his memoir? Of course not, but for its Nov. 23 issue, that's exactly what Newsweek did with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who just happens to be an attractive woman, pro-life, outdoorsy, a mother of five, and a gut-level conservative.

In the past couple of years, Mrs. Palin has seen her teenage son deployed to Iraq, given birth at age 44 to a child with Down syndrome, learned that her 17-year-old daughter was pregnant, been placed on the Republican presidential ticket, had her personal e-mails hacked into, was straitjacketed by Arizona Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign team, lost an election, returned to Alaska to find it impossible to do her job and spent $500,000 in her own money on legal defense in the aftermath of the presidential campaign. To top it all off, the media have treated her extremely unfairly every step of the way. . . .

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