Democrat in NYC runs for City Comptroller based on his gun control record?

This was amusing. The Comptroller is a finance position, but gun control is always popular in NYC so why not go with that. Well, it apparently didn't work. GunPoliticsNY.com has this:

David Yassky is a former staffer to Charles Schumer. He’s the guy who actually wrote the Brady Bill. He moved up to the City Council where he continued to push for more gun control like strict gun dealer liability. Pat, Amy and Barry testified on behalf of NYSRPA in council hearings against these ideas. Yassky himself defended them on NRA News. Faced with term limits Yassky decided to run for City Comptroller. He has no background related to finance so he based his campaign largely on his gun control record. Both the Daily News and New York Times endorsed his campaign because of it. . . .

A double digit loss. Yassky gets 44.3% to Liu’s 55.7%.

Since he had to give up his Council seat to run for Comptroller he’s got nowhere else to go so he’s outta here. For the second time in as many weeks NYC Democrats have rejected the gun control candidate and their agenda and that will further marginalize the people and organizations who promoted them.

I am not sure that one can read too much into this, but it is amusing. Richard Aborn, another big gun control guy, apparently also lost his race to be Manhattan District Attorney.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they're not going to allow handguns in public, then they can't allow Chuck Norris, either. The No Handguns Experiment.

10/07/2009 12:18 AM  

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